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The Veneer

Because It's What Fashion Really is.
April 16, 2011

Get Graphic !


Minimal, schminimal. I like prints, sue me.
January 29, 2011

Armani Prive, the Tron Way.

What you need to know about this collection :

Shiny is the new camel. Looking as if mercury had enveloped each and every model, this collection excited the sci-fi geek in me and as Olivia Wilde commented, this collection is rather TRON-y. No shit. Looking like it walked right off that very movie's set, it is a look not for the faint of heart. Caution is to be taken when attempting a fabric such as this, you know shiny never looked good on anyone above 60kg.

To interpret the look, think ladylike silhouettes with strong angular, asymmetric cuts in tonal grey with pops of purple and red. If however, you are in doubt of the colour scheme, take a look at your nearest solar panel :)  I'd suggest maybe trying patent leather leggings, but knowing how singaporeans tend to wear them and how wrong and unsightly they usually get, I'd rather not make that suggestion.

January 09, 2011


Could you live your life with just 6 pieces of clothing ? The challenge posed by the people at http://sixitemsorless.com/ , revolutionizes the way people around the world define necessity through living a month with 6 pieces of clothing or less, excluding accessories of course. Phew. It is certainly timely considering the recent utilitarian proposition from designers the industry over. Here is my take.

Six Items Or Less

December 06, 2010

Easy Peasy

An image of jane birkin.

Sorry for the long hiatus, but education came a calling.

Moving on, there is something to be said about a certain je ne sais quoi that style icons like Kate Moss and Jane Birkin have, apt perhaps that i have witnessed the rise of a new aesthetic that began 2 season ago with Phoebe at Celine. The clothes were so easy. Sure, using such adjectives to describe fashion may seem irreverent, prior to this revolution, clothes would be last thing the world would considered difficult however, there is something innately stylish about these women that seem neither forced nor difficult.

Celine Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Celine, Spring 2010. Source:style.com

Christian Dior once said, “Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest." What then is this zeitgeist more commonly known as the "IT" or X factor or "Zest", that these timeless beauties have, that many of us well don't ? I believe the key to such effortless style is in the self-confidence and self-assuredness these ladies, and many other, posses. That style is never a forced illusion of grandeur or excess, it is about believing that everything we are is enough. Sure trends may suggest different looks or feelings for the very moment, the truth is that when push comes to shove, self confidence  is every person's best accessory. Who am I kidding, a great eye is important too.

Discussed in brief detail before, I would like to reintroduce my 3D style guide. Define, Distill and Dissociate.

Anna Piaggi, the personification of individualism. Source : ihanwu.spaces.live.com

Define. What is my style ? What do I love ?

The key is to not be influenced by trends just yet. The idea here is to think of what your individual style, devoid of other external influences. What would I wear if certain things were not "in" and other were not "out" ? Am i more edgy, more preppy or just plain classic ? Perhaps my style is even a hybrid ? Just remember that in a world where imitation is the norm, individuality is a rare precious commodity one ,that unlike other material commodities, do not fluctuate in value.

Distill. What are the trends on the runway ? What will work on me ?

When allowing trends to influence the way you dress, it is of paramount importance to remember that trends suggest, they do not dictate a style of dress. Additionally, it is important to know that not all styles or trends suit all people, an example being the resurgence of skinny jeans a while back, heavy girls might want to steer clear lest risk resembling a "ba zhang" or a tightly wrapped dumpling as we call it. The point is that fashion is hardly ever democratic and it is important to quickly establish in which trends your alliance lies.


Dissociate. How do i make a style my own ?

After sorting out the first 2 Ds, we move on to how one should put them together. Ever so often i see a a fashionable woman who is wearing more trends than pieces, maybe this season a 70's inspired biker jacket with a ripped up isabel marant tshirt and a pair of palazzo trousers, and sometimes she looks good but other times, one may not be as lucky. Point being, while we may have a great sense of style and individuality, even the best of us succumb to the most common of mistakes, falling victim to fashion. I will be the first to admit that i am pretty guilty myself. The key here is to not try too hard, stick to a maximum of 2 trends per outfit and keep the rest simple, chic and easy for a look that is both fashionable and individual, individual, individual. Did i mention individual ? Websites like Chicfeed.com provide visual aid, as to how this should be done. In the end the 3Ds serve only as a guiding path and I advise all to apply it with discretion because to me the key element to a successful look and style is confidence that can carry your individual personality, which comes from putting on things you love and that speak to your aesthetic. With that the ease of dressing will come well, easily.

December 05, 2010

New York Newbie, Mandy Coon

Firstly, really sorry for the lack of updates, have been busy doing less important things like well, preparing for my 'O' levels. Anyways, i thought i'd sneak in a quick second to talk about one of my favourite collections from the New York Runways. Mandy Coon's Debut Show.

dresses that wafted by, hems that eluded uniformity and shoes that look mildly hazardous. Her debut collection was as editorial as it was commercial.

Mandy Coon Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearMandy Coon Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

What's that they call someone who inspite of their experience, is completely skilled ? A prodigy. Well then 'fashion prodigy' is none more suited than to Mandy Coon. If her first ever season is anything to go by, I'll be expecting great things from this young designer.Inspired by the jellyfish (yes that is what you read) her innate ability to extract and distill such an abstract inspiration translated, though not exclusively,  to asymmetrical tent shapes and organic ruffles in the likeness of the creature, that were both fresh and different.

Mandy Coon Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

The looks spoke with an air of confidence, that she trusted enough in her own aesthetic and instinct. Instead of using the jellyfish inspiration as a crutch, she was able to use it in a manner that added to her already self-assured aesthetic. The result ? A thoroughly  wearable collection that kept the woman in mind while managing to maintain an air of the unexpected. Women will find many covetable pieces in this collection, from the elongating asymetric whtie dress above, to the re-imagined sleeveless top below. For this much amazingness, I advocate women hazard a risk and don these wonderfully expressive pieces.

Mandy Coon Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear


September 12, 2010

Alexander Wang Spring 2011

All week there has been a new focus on elongated silhouettes but it felt the most modern here, with hemlines falling below the calve and a new emphasis placed on the hip in a bit of a drop-waisted moment. Come next season, his customer and everyone else really will be clamoring for his refreshingly light biker jackets as well as the diaphanous wrap dresses and well pretty much everything else. It seems as if everything this young talented designer touches turns to gold. And why shouldn't it ? with his finger firmly on the pulse of fashion, he reminds us why he is deserving of the 'IT boy' title. Bravo.

Never one to deviate too far from his own aesthetic, the separates and sweatshirting he has come to be known for were all very present, only this time they felt a lot more collapsed. There was a real sense that these look were floating by, catching the wind as models ,as thin as the fabrics themselves, strutted down the runway.

A new season, a new moment in fashion. Who better to lead the pack than one of fashion's IT boys of the moment, Alexander Wang. Gone were the belligerent businessmen (or rather, women) of last season, in place of them was this sort of deconstructed take on american sportswear, they had a waif, almost nymph like quality to them, while maintaining a strong image of modernity and american sportswear.

August 30, 2010

The Imminent Emmys, Sunday

"HI ! I'm best dressed !" Finally, the dress to end all dresses, Ricardo Tisci Literally took my breath away with this stunning creation. I love that it is an unconventional take on an evening gown, part punk rock, part elizabethan and completely perfect. Hair should be slicked back into a smooth mid-high pony tail and with a very shimmery bronze eye and a peachy lip, this is the look to top.To let the dress take centre stage, jewellery and shoes should take a backseat, being mostly muted with a little onyx moment on the ring. I DIE.
Givenchy Haute Couture Fall 2010

August 30, 2010

The Imminent Emmys, Saturday

This ombre grecian Elie Saab gown is really interesting and architectural and makes a bold statement on the red carpet without having to scream. The hair should definitely be unpinned and given like a smooth centre-part wave. I recommend a nude eye, lots of lashes and a red lip, not forgetting great little pieces of jewellery to make this dress really pop.
Elie Saab Fall 2010

August 29, 2010

The Imminent Emmys, Saturday

It's like a walking column of fire ! Absolutely love this, from the way the light hits it to the very modern column shape, this needs to be worn at oscars. Hair an makeup, should be about the same as what was shown in the show, except the needs a bit more volume and the lip should be a little redder. I was having avery antique gold moment for this dress and thought that the dress needed big, but few, striking pieces of jewelry ... and of course a great snakeskin jimmy choo. Who doesn't live a great snakeskin jimmy choo ?
Armani Prive Fall 2010

August 28, 2010

The Imminent Emmys, Friday

Epitomizing a grecian goddess, this one shouldered Elie Saab is dramatic and simple all at once. Hair should be wavy and smooth with slight back-brushing at the roots to give it a little volume. The makeup should be very glowing, gold tones on the cheek and eye with a light red lip. Though this dress is already on it's own, it needs to be glamourised a little with great accessories.
Elie Saab Fall 2010

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